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Pupil voice and our school committees

Have your say! All the children in years 2,3,4 and 6 are part of a pupil vice committee. We meet regularly and to discuss how we can make our school better. We can choose from the following committees. 

The Criw Cymraeg who works hard to improve Welsh in our school. 

The Eco Committee who meet to discuss how we help save our world and look after our precious planet. 

The Community Cadets who help to strengthen our links with the Laleston community. 

The Digital Champions who help to improve the use of digital technology in our school. 

The Pupil Caretakers who help Mr Williams and Mr Evans with organising and keeping our school safe, clean and tidy. 

Our school council meets regularly to help make important decision about our school too! 


Our Pupil Caretakers 

Our Digital Champions 

Our Digital Champions 



Our Eco Committee